REP Sponsored Promotion Post


Reverse Engineer Post: Sponsored Promotion Post

Strengths: He does a good job of connecting with the desired user by showing them that he has the physique that he is selling and by showing them an exercise without giving them everything free of charge.

Weaknesses: There’s no call to action.

Trying to accomplish with design? Because there is no call to action and he is teaching part of an exercise in the clip it seems that the ad is trying to connect with the user perhaps to increase followers. He may be trying to grow his business organically from there.

Design used: Based on the fact that he seems to have designed the shoot around showing the exercise I would say he has mainly used Swiss Grid because “form follows function”

Metrics: likes, and click-throughs


The Frugal Home – honey deals


Strengths: immediately connects with a younger demographic that potentially spends more time shopping online than in stores
Weaknesses: shaky, looks homemade, turn off to older demographics
Accomplish with design? snapchat design to further connect with the demographic and possibly increase buy in from that connection
Designs: not-half and rule of thirds (ensured by using snapchat text across the bottom third)
Metrics: comments, shares, views

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